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Pin-Up Pack

Pin-Up Pack

Good Ghosts Co.

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LIMITED TIME ONLY // All Pin-Up Packs will automatically come with BOTH of our available mini-prints!

Start your Good Ghosts Co. accessory collection off with quite the metaphorical bang!

  • Package Includes:
  • 4 Pins + 1 Mini-Print of your choice!
  • Dimensions: Pins - 1", Print - 4x6"
  • This is a Helping Haunts item! $1 of proceeds from EVERY sale of this package gets directly donated to: Make A Wish Foundation!
  • More Details:
  • The following pins are included!: #002 - #005 (Star Dust, Never Grow Up, Ghost Heart Red, & Everything Is Beautiful)
  • Pins & Print include a seriously awesome Matte Finish (soft to the touch, non-gloss, aka: super-beautiful)
  • Also, if you order this item with a discount code, please note that the full donation amount listed above is what will still be donated!

Good Ghosts Co. - Helping Haunts
*If you see this symbol attached to one of our products, it means it's a very special Good Ghosts Co. Helping Haunts item! That means that a special portion of proceeds from the sale will be directly donated to a great cause somewhere across the globe. To see more Helping Haunts items click here.